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Norwich School Blog

Norwich School's Lifesavers Club

Sam Foster (L6E) who started the 'Lifesavers Club', aiming to teach pupils in the Lower School essential lifesaving skills, speaks to the Blog about his experiences with all things First Aid:

First aid can be useful, interesting and fun! That's how I wanted to approach my new Lifesavers Club in teaching vital life skills to the pupils of the Lower School.

Did you know that if you needed help in an accident or injury, most people wouldn't know what to do? St John Ambulance say that only 1 in 4 have the simple skills that can make the difference between life and death.

I have been learning lifesaving skills at St John Ambulance for the last four years or so and am now a trained educator as well as a qualified first aider. I thought I would volunteer to help a club at school but when I checked the list, I couldn't find anything like it. I was really keen to spread the word so decided to take the plunge and start one up.

I did worry when I was making the lesson plans that no one would come. I was planning to make it as entertaining as possible while still packing in all the clinically relevant information.

My main aim was to make sure that the youngsters would know how to act calmly and confidently in a stressful situation. I taught the pupils many skills they will need if they meet a casualty in a real life situation. Personally, I found this really useful when I was helping patients at the Norfolk Show and I felt one of them was suffering a heart attack. When I saw later that he was taken away in an ambulance, I was proud of the way I had helped make sure he was seen urgently by the onsite doctor.

I brought in a mannequin to practise CPR and the children loved it. More lessons are planned on bandages, bleeding and burns. It began with a good attendance and it has since grown.

One thing I have enjoyed is meeting the Lower School pupils. They have all been brilliant and it has been a real pleasure to teach them. It was nice to do something in the Lower School and the feedback I have had from parents is that they have enjoyed the Upper and Lower Schools working together.

Mr Griffiths has now asked me to help spread the word about First Aid teaching across the school and I would be very proud to help. I have to thank Mr Ingham in particular for helping arrange it and Mr Griffiths for his continued support.

I hope that when the chance comes for you to learn First Aid, you seize the chance. It's not hard, it's really interesting and means that when an emergency strikes, you can be the person who steps in to save a life. So whether it's at school or later when you leave, do make sure you go.

After all, you can't learn to save a life by accident.