Head's welcome

Head's Welcome

"Education has been part of life in and around Norwich's Cathedral Close for over 900 years. We are proud to continue this rich tradition as we prepare young people for 21st century life: the Cathedral oversees our busy lives and underpins the sense of stability with which our surroundings counter-balance the energy of this thoroughly modern co-educational urban day school.

Our ethos and aims refer to the inculcation of curiosity and a willingness to explore different aspects of our broad provision, including making the most of opportunities for leadership and service within a loving, inclusive, compassionate community (for further details, please click here). Following the twin goals of aspiration to excellence and broad participation, it is certainly true that members of Norwich School achieve a good deal, both inside the classroom and in the wider life of the school; further details of recent news are available here.

However, thanks to a virtuous triangle of talented pupils, committed staff and supportive parents, for me it is the quality of human relationships which forms the special ingredient in the Norwich School recipe. Based on an excellent pastoral system, there is mutual care and respect among all members of our community; and all this in our unique environment, which is at once both uplifting and soothing.

The cumulative effect is to enable our pupils to enjoy a world-class education which prepares them admirably to follow the path they choose when they leave us, while establishing a lifelong connection with the friends they have made. However, you should not take my word for the intangible qualities which set a Norwich School education apart; rather, come to see the school in action for yourself. To arrange a visit, please click here."

 SDA Griffiths - Head