Financial Assistance

At Norwich School we give Scholarships and awards to pupils with outstanding ability and flair in particular fields. We also set aside generous funds to enable children to attend the school who would not be able to do so without financial help.


Norwich School sets aside generous funds to allow pupils to attend the school who would otherwise not be able to do so.

All bursaries are means-tested and can result in a reduction in fees of up to 100%. 

Please note that it is unlikely that a bursary will be awarded where household income is greater than 4.5 times the annual Senior School tuition fee and the applicant’s net assets are more than 20 times the annual Senior School tuition fee.

Parents of current pupils can apply for bursarial assistance at any time. Prospective parents should indicate their interest on the school application form and then complete and return the Application for Financial Assistance form by the indicated date.

The school funds bursaries from many sources which include its own savings as well as contributions from the Worshipful Company of Dyers, the ONs, the Friends of Norwich School and others including the Ogden Trust. 

Scholarship Programme for Excellence and Potential

The school offers a range of awards for excellence in six areas. A place on the Scholarship Programme is made available to senior school pupils with outstanding ability, potential and flair which the school assesses by examination, interview, portfolio and audition, as appropriate.

Selection is made in the following areas: academic excellence, music, sport, drama and art and design. If you wish to apply, please indicate your interest on the application form. Pupils may apply in more than one discipline though it is unlikely that more than two awards are made to any individual.

Means tested financial support is also available to candidates applying for these awards.

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Awards - Head Master's Awards

Head Master's Awards are offered to a limited number of applicants who demonstrate exceptionally high levels of skill and ability during the assessment process.

These awards will earn the pupil a pecuniary reward, which is payable in the Michaelmas Term in the academic year for which the award is made.

Awards - Music Tuition Awards

Pupils applying for the Music Award who are unsuccessful but show potential and talent may also be considered for a Music Tuition Award. These awards are offered to a limited number of pupils who are able to make a significant contribution to the musical life of the School. The Award has an annual value of £500 per instrument, including voice, which is awarded to offset the cost of a pupil's music lessons.  The Director of Music will wish to approve the candidate’s teacher and may require that they are a member of his peripatetic staff.

The award is refunded against the presentation of receipts which have been approved by the Director of Music at the end of the Trinity Term. Pupils may be awarded up to a maximum of two Music Awards. 


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