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Financial Assistance


Generous funds have been set aside to enable children to attend the school who would not be able to do so without financial help. The main source of funding is from the school’s annual fee income and this is supplemented by donations from the Worshipful Company of Dyers, the school’s alumni – the ONs - the Friends of Norwich School, other charitable trusts, staff and parents. 

Means-tested financial assistance, or bursary awards, are available to Senior School (aged 11 – 18) pupils only.  The level of award ranges from 5% to 100% of the annual Senior School tuition fee.

Application Process – Prospective Pupils

Parents of prospective pupils who would like to apply for a bursary should indicate their interest on the online electronic application form by ticking the box above “Please tick this box if you are interested in making an application for bursarial assistance for this applicant”.  They will then be sent an “Application for Financial Assistance” form requesting a comprehensive set of information about the family’s financial circumstances.

The fully completed “Application for Financial Assistance” form, together with all of the relevant documents must be returned to the school on or before the relevant entry application deadline to guarantee consideration by the school. Late or incomplete bursary applications would only be considered at the discretion of the Head Master and the Bursar.

Assessment Process and Criteria

A bursary assessor working on behalf of the school will arrange a home visit with the bursary applicants to review the information provided in the “Application for Financial Assistance” form.  The assessor will then make a recommendation for consideration by the Bursary Review Panel.

Please note that it is unlikely that a bursary will be awarded to pupils whose household income is greater than 4.5 times the annual Senior School tuition fee or whose household net assets are more than 20 times the annual Senior School tuition fee.

Although the school sets aside generous funds for bursary awards each year, the popularity of the scheme means that the demand for financial assistance often exceeds the level of funds available.  The Bursary Review Panel will consider the financial assessments as well as the performance of prospective pupils in the entrance examination process when determining the level of bursary award for each applicant.   

If a prospective pupil has done well in the entrance examination and meets the criteria for financial assistance but falls below the cut-off for an award, they may be offered a full fee paying place at the school.  At the time that such an offer is made, the parents or guardians will be invited to meet with the Bursar to discuss whether full fees may be affordable for the duration of the prospective pupil’s school career at Norwich School.  

The school will advise the successful bursary applicants of their awards in their offer letter for a place at the school. 

The level of award, as a percentage of fees, would normally remain the same for the whole of the pupil’s school career.  However, the school reserves the right to vary the level of the award if there is a significant improvement in the family’s financial circumstances.  It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to notify the Bursar of these changes at the earliest opportunity.  The school may request a part or full refund of the award if its annual review of the family’s financial circumstances identifies any significant improvements which have not been reported on a timely basis.

For more information about means-tested financial assistance for prospective pupils, please contact the Admissions Team at

Current Pupils

When parents/guardians accept a full fee paying place at the school for their child/ward, it is expected that they do so with sufficient funds to meet the fee obligations for the whole of the pupil’s school career.  Bursary applications from parents of a current pupil, whether already in the Senior School or in the final year of the Lower School (U3 - Year 6), will only be considered in light of an exceptional change of circumstances and at the discretion of the Head Master and/or the Bursar.

We understand that unexpected financial circumstances do arise.  Thus, parents/guardians of current pupils who are experiencing financial difficulties should contact the Bursar’s Office at as soon as possible to arrange a meeting with the Bursar and discuss how the school may be able to assist.