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  • We hope everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing half term holiday. This photograph was taken on the first day of the school year when Reception had just joined us! #norwichschool #receptionclass #creativity
  • Norwich School pupils are enjoying the sunshine today and having an art lesson outside in the cloisters. Have they spotted the #NorwichPeregrines? Thanks to Mr Cann for the picture! #creativity #artoutdoors #norwichschool #norwichcathedral
  • Last week, the school celebrated the start of Chinese New Year with various activities taking place to raise awareness of Chinese culture. Pupils Jeffrey Cheung & Aiko Leung led an assembly in Norwich Cathedral, during which they shared some traditional Chinese stories, before singing a New Year celebration song whilst dragons danced in the Nave. #norwichschool #chinesenewyear #yearofthepig #norwichcathedral #curiosity
  • Norwich School Pupils, in the Fifth and Sixth Form, performed in their Senior Play 'Summerfolk' at the Norwich Puppet Theatre this week. To see all photographs from the play, please visit: #norwichschool #summerfolk #drama
  • Last night, pupils performed at our annual 'Unplugged' concert at the Norwich Playhouse. The inspiring evening showcased pupils singing original songs and covers, featuring solos, groups and a full house band. To see all photographs from the concert, please visit: #UNPLUGGED #norwichschool #musicinschools
  • The school celebrated the start of Chinese New Year yesterday, with various activities taking place to raise awareness of Chinese culture. The morning started with a memorable assembly led by pupils Jeffrey Cheung & Aiko Leung. They shared some traditional Chinese stories, before singing a New Year celebration song whilst dragons danced in the Nave of Norwich Cathedral and the school community clapped along. At the end of the assembly some of the pupils handed out fortune cookies. Later on, children from various schools across the county were invited to a celebration event hosted by Norwich School as part of the Swire Project. They had the chance to try some Chinese food, learn about the culture and also meet the dragons! #chinesenewyear #yearofthepig #norwichschool
  • Have you booked your free ticket to Unplugged? Taking place at the @norwichplayhouse this Thursday 7th February. ‘An inspiring evening showcasing Norwich School’s talent with original songs and covers, featuring solos, groups and a full House Band. Musicians will be performing from a variety of year groups.' #norwichschool #musicinnorwich #unplugged #norwichplayhouse
  • Norwich School is hiring! 👩‍💻👨‍🎨 We are looking to appoint an Admissions Registrar, a Graduate Assistant in Art & Design and a Graduate Assistant in Drama. Find out more information on the school website: #norwichschool #norfolkjobs #graduates #norwichjobs
  • Everything is chemistry, from the air that surrounds us to the organisms that breathe it, from industry to agriculture, from art to medicine. Defined as the study of matter and the changes this matter undergoes, chemistry underpins every other science and indeed life itself. At Norwich School we bring this crucial subject alive with lessons and practical activities designed to excite the imagination within a strong tradition of academic rigour. The modern world relies upon the development of new chemicals and materials and this innovatory aspect of the subject is emphasised throughout our courses. By understanding the machinery of nature, we ultimately gain the power to control the properties of matter. #norwichschool #science #chemistry #stem
  • Norwich School pupils (in the Lower and Senior School) were lucky enough to receive a visit from professional storyteller Kevin Graal - right in the heart of National Storytelling Week. Kevin tells stories from all over the world, from Zimbabwe to Hungary, from the middle East to his native Ireland. With stories that are sometimes scary, usually surprising, but always absolutely captivating, Kevin is a highly skilled storyteller who has worked with schools, museums and community groups for over 30 years. #nationalstorytelling #norwichschool #storytelling #kevingraal
  • Congratulations to the Norwich School team who won the Independent Schools Mock Trial Competition at the Crown Court in Birmingham on Saturday 26th January. The competition, run by Young Citizens, is an excellent opportunity for pupils from across the UK to learn about the criminal justice system whilst working on cases written by partners in the legal profession. The team was made up of 13 pupils from the Upper Fifth and Sixth Form, who had taken part in auditions held at Norwich Crown Court back in September. Many of them are interested in the legal profession as a future career path. After three rounds of cases against schools from Manchester, Cardiff, Oxford and Birmingham, playing both the parts of prosecution and defense, Norwich School were chosen by the judges as finalists. Appearing in front of the 5 judges from Birmingham Crown Court didn’t deter the Norwich School team and in the final they beat Alderley Edge School for Girls to be crowned 2019 winners. Dr Richard Clark, Deputy Head of Co-Curricular at the school, was very supportive of the event. “The pupils were outstanding and very inspired by the day” he said. “Many thanks to Katharine Bundell, a Barrister at Fenners, who dedicated a lot of her time to mentoring our pupils. They learnt a lot from her and the experience.” Katharine Bundell added, “This competition is a unique opportunity for pupils to take part in very realistic trials as advocates, witnesses, clerks, ushers, reporters and artists. The skills they develop over the term are of wide-ranging application. The most rewarding part for us, however is watching their excitement in working as a team on the day. They didn’t stop talking, all at once, all the way back from Birmingham’ The school is already looking forward to next year’s competition, with the hope to take even more pupils to play the roles of court reporters and court artists. #norwichschool #mocktrials #law #independentschoolsmocktrialcompetition #norwichsixthform #inspiringfutures
  • Over the school holidays the OMR (Old Music Room) was renovated to provide a space for Norwich School Sixth Form pupils to congregate. Pupils can now enjoy a cafe bar and purchase hot and cold drinks and snacks. Sixth Form pupils commented ‘It is such a nice place to gather, the place suits both small and large groups, especially as the modern furniture can moved around to suit what you need. It is a great multi-purpose room!’ #norwichschool #sixthform #education #norfolk #classroomviews