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Scholarships and Awards

The Norwich School scholarship scheme offers enrichment programmes designed to develop each award holder’s potential and expertise. The Senior School offers customised scholarship programmes in five areas: academic excellence (age 11+, 13+ & 16+ entry); music (age 11+, 13+ & 16+ entry); sport (age 11+, 13+ & 16+ entry); art & design (age 16+ only); drama (age 16+ only). 

The focus of, and investment into, these scholarship programmes will be on enriching the pupil experience and activities that the scholars will enjoy. 

A place on the scholarship programmes is made available to senior school pupils with outstanding ability and potential, which the school assesses by examination, interview, portfolio and audition, as appropriate. 

Further information about each scholarship area can be found below: 

Academic excellence (age 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry)

Enrichment activities on the Academic Excellence programme may include:

- Weekly on-timetable enrichment lessons taught by key staff;

- Half-termly meetings, led by faculties, where scholars come together for subject-specific enrichment sessions;

- Access to sessions with external speakers and trips;

- Scholarship mentoring with staff managing the programme. 

Music (age 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry)

Lower 4 – Upper 5

Scholars in these years are offered musicianship training to develop their core skills (including aural, theory, sight-singing, performance practice, history).

Sixth Form

Scholars are offered musicianship training to develop their core skills (including aural, theory, sight-singing, performance practice, history). Scholars would also be involved in informal concerts at the Great Hospital and play a key role in the Making Musicians programme which involves a series of recitals in the cathedral throughout the year. For those performing, there will be ad hoc preparation sessions – coaching, recording and video sessions and each performer will then have the opportunity to record their recital with Erpingham Records in the Barbirolli Studio and to take a CD home. General information: There is an expectation that scholars and award holders would take part in the bands, groups and choirs and concerts throughout the year and would be expected to be role models for other pupils and be fully involved in the music department.

Sport (age 11+, 13+ and 16+ entry)

The sports scholarship forms part of the Sports Science Support Programme. The Sports Science Support Programme has three strands:

Athletic development – this focuses on developing physical competencies and is offered in small groups, leading to 1:1 support for sports scholars;

Nutrition – this support strand is led by our school nutritionist and involves regular lectures and workshops with tailored 1:1 advice given for scholars;

Psychology - sports scholars will be supported by a sports psychologist who will offer support in a variety of ways including through workshops and lectures.

Art and Design (age 16+ only entry)

The Art and Design scholarship programme is very much an individualised programme and will vary according to the needs of each scholar. This could include:

- Scholars being invited (free of charge) on trips for other year groups, where it is relevant to their work or interests;

- Financial support for materials;

- Involvement in the curation of exhibitions and mentoring other pupils;

- Creative opportunities that help to prepare them for future aspirations e.g. alumni and practitioners will be brought in to work on a one-to-one basis with scholars on particular projects.

Drama (age 16+ only entry)

Scholars for drama would be offered opportunities to enrich their studies through activities such as:

- The opportunity to undertake a National Theatre workshop and tour of the theatre;

- Visits to see a variety of productions both locally, London-based and further afield;

- Professionally-led workshops within the school framework from external companies;

- The opportunity to work with industry professionals;

- Budget and support for the development of pupils’ own theatre Arts projects;

- The opportunity for pupils to build a show-reel with filmed work recorded within a professional environment. Scholars would also be fully involved in the theatre arts curriculum/co-curriculum within the school as a performer, director or as part of the technical support team.


If you wish to apply, please indicate your interest on the application form. Pupils may apply in more than one discipline, though it is unlikely that more than two awards are made to any individual.

Means-tested financial support is available to all candidates, including those applying for these awards. For information on financial assistance, read about our bursaries.

For more information, contact


Exhibitions are also awarded to applicants to recognise impressive ability and potential. It is a tier below scholarship standard. You do not need to apply separately to be considered for an Exhibition. The expectations and benefits enjoyed by the holder of an Exhibition are similar in nature but less extensive than those of a Scholar.

Exhibitions are awarded in all of our programmes. 


Head Master's Awards are offered to a limited number of applicants who demonstrate outstanding ability and potential during the assessment process.

These awards consist of a pecuniary reward, which is payable in the Michaelmas Term in the academic year for which the award is made.