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Scholarships and Awards

At Norwich School, we give scholarships and awards to pupils with outstanding ability and potential in particular fields. 


The Norwich School scholarship scheme offers enrichment programmes designed to develop each award holder’s potential and expertise. The Senior School offers customised scholarship programmes in five areas: academic excellence (11+, 13+ & 16+); music (11+, 13+ & 16+); sport (11+, 13+ & 16+); art & design (16+ only); drama (16+ only).

A place on the scholarship programmes is made available to senior school pupils with outstanding ability and potential, which the school assesses by examination, interview, portfolio and audition, as appropriate.

If you wish to apply, please indicate your interest on the application form. Pupils may apply in more than one discipline, though it is unlikely that more than two awards are made to any individual.

Means-tested financial support is available to all candidates, including those applying for these awards. For information on financial assistance, read about our bursaries.

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Scholarship assessment dates 2018/19

16+ Academic:                       24 November 2018

16+ Art & Design:                   24 November 2018

16+ Music:                              Auditions held in November 2018

16+ Sport:                               Assessments held in November 2018

16+ Drama:                            1 December 2018

11+ and 13+ Academic:         12 January 2019

11+ and 13+ Music:                Auditions held in January 2019

11+ and 13+ Sport:                 Assessments held in January 2019


Exhibitions are also awarded to applicants to recognise impressive ability and potential. It is a tier below scholarship standard. You do not need to apply separately to be considered for an Exhibition. The expectations and benefits enjoyed by the holder of an Exhibition are similar in nature but less extensive than those of a Scholar.

Exhibitions are awarded in all of our programmes. 


Head Master's Awards are offered to a limited number of applicants who demonstrate outstanding ability and potential during the assessment process.

These awards consist of a pecuniary reward, which is payable in the Michaelmas Term in the academic year for which the award is made.