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Spotlight On : Co-curricular – Marketing for Community Service

Jonathan Wales, one of our keen Community Service pupils, tells us why Marketing is an important role within the Community Service programme...

"Marketing is one of the many Community Service options available for 6th Form pupils here at Norwich School. 

Our Marketing Community Service group is made up of students from the Lower Sixth Form and each of us has different skills and subject areas, which we can bring to the group. For example, our study subjects range from English, 2D Design, 3D Design and Business Enterprise which is really useful for marketing. We are working closely with the School’s Marketing Department to learn more about marketing and how it supports the School.

Our plan as a group is to visit other Community Service groups, writing blogs and news stories and taking photos and videos, to record all the amazing activities that take place as part of the School’s Community Service programme. These stories will then be uploaded on to the Norwich School website and shared across social media.

Here is what some of the Marketing Group had to say about the experience:  

“It has been great to see the 'backstory' of what the School’s Marketing Department does. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience thus far and can only imagine it getting better!” Herbert Hilyer. 

“Currently I am writing blogs and doing peer to peer interviews. I am excited to talk to external groups about the help Norwich School pupils have been giving to the community. My favourite part of marketing so far has been writing blogs as it is aiding my English A level.”  Jessica Hunter.

“I have really enjoyed my time so far in marketing. I have been taking photos of each community service and have been learning what the marketing industry is all about. I particularly enjoyed visiting the Nancy Oldfield Trust to see what the team there were doing to support the charity.”  Milton Maxwell.

We look forward to continuing to capture what our peers are doing for their Community Service."