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Norwich School Blog

Community Service: Russian at the Free School in Norwich

As part of their community service programme, a group of Lower 6 pupils visited the Free School in Norwich to teach the children a spot of Russian through interactive activities and quizzes! L6 pupil and aspiring photographer, Jack Kennedy, went along to capture the teaching in action.

19th February 2015

"I very much enjoyed our Russian presentation at the Free School in Norwich. The pupils were enthusiastic and engaged, and creative in designing their coasters.  Our presentation was relatively smooth and the children were very astute with their guessing.  We had lots of fun with the pronunciation of words and everyone was very excited by the appearance of the Russian sweets. Overall we were sad to leave the cheery school for the rainy walk back to Norwich."                      

Hugh Begley L6B

"I found the visit to the Free School very interesting as the small, intimate school made the visit feel different to when we went to larger schools. The children were interested and asked lots of questions, engaging well with the activities and quizzes. They seemed ready to learn facts and retained the knowledge well, which was very rewarding as we could see they wanted to remember the things we had told them. When we were working in smaller groups I had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with some of the children, all of whom were polite and full of enthusiasm. I taught many of them how to spell their names in Russian and some were still practising the writing as I left, ready to show their parents later! The classroom had a display on Russia and the children had clearly studied the country before, so I really felt we were enriching their learning with our presentation. Overall I felt the school had a very different feel to many, but the experience was very enjoyable and I will remember it for a long time."

Ellie Haddon L6N

"During the holidays, one of the things I missed the most was Russian and teaching Russian to everyone. The group were by far the most welcoming, best listening and most loquacious, which helped create a fantastic experience."                                                                                               

Ben Garforth L6R