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Norwich School Blog

Spotlight On: 2D Design

2D Design provides a creative and exciting opportunity for all students at Norwich School. Located in the newly renovated Carter Centre, the subject offers a state-of-the-art working environment to allow pupils to truly maximise their creative potential. Pupils engage in deep, rigorous learning, equipping them to express their own ideas effectively and with clarity.

The department is divided into 2 areas of study: Graphic Communication and Photography, comprising of many aspects such as animation, illustration, radio, graphic design, and surface design within them. This allows students to find their own direction through Art and Design and discover their own area of expertise as they move through the years at Norwich School. Ensuring pupils are passionate about the area of study they are focussing on allows them to explore creative ideas that optimise their inspiration.

Our ‘open studio’ policy allows students to make use of our excellent facilities in the evenings during the school week, permitting them to enhance their personal creativity and provide them with flexible working hours to structure when they complete their work.


Art and Design has changed so much in the last 10-15 years because of the advances in technology and how this has opened up so many new and exciting opportunities for the students and the ways in which we can teach them.

It use to be that if you couldn't draw or paint then your desire to work in the creative industries was pretty much over. This is no longer the case and successful companies are now incredibly reliant on creatives with technical skills. It is really exciting seeing many of our ON's now working in the film industry, in top graphic design studios, the very lucrative gaming industry and for creative advertising agencies. Many of them had no idea about the options available to them when they first turned on the computer and started playing around with Adobe Illustrator and set up their first studio shoot. Its the confidence they develop in themselves and that they are technically more able than than me by the time they leave which gives me the greatest pleasure.

Mr Ian Passam, Head of Art & Design


Art and Design inspires students to take risks, interpret visual literacy and develop an appreciation of a highly visual society we live in. Driving students to expand their ideas and providing them with the confidence required to share and express their individual creativity is what enhances their truly unique experience of 2D Design at Norwich School.


2D gives you the freedom and space to take your ideas and creativity to wherever you want, hence why I think its the best art subject to choose. It allows me to experiment with all sorts of colours and designs to create vast visual expressions. I chose 2D as it can mix and match with almost every subject at A levels and can be a great tool to communicate information.

A-Level Graphics Student


I chose 2D because I like experimenting and taking portraits of models. I enjoy photography because I find it creative and it enables me to capture precious moments. I also think photography can portray many different ideas and is a good way to communicate thoughts with others.

A-Level Photography Student