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Norwich School Blog

Life in the Sixth Form

 11th June 2015

By Kate Holdsworth

The first year of 6th form has gone extremely quickly and I can't believe I've already done most of my AS exams. Although a change of school is a challenging transition, I quickly made plenty of good friends having known very few people on my first day. I didn't have to move schools but after five years of high school, I felt a change would be for the better. It certainly turned out to be, as stepping out of my comfort zone led to a wonderful first year!


For me, the main thing that defines Norwich School is the variety of opportunities it presents. This stood out to me before I had even started, with Community Service week in July. Meeting current and prospective pupils before starting in September was both reassuring and fun; it meant there were some familiar faces on that terrifying first day. I enjoyed it far more than I had expected and it made me look forward to September. From that point I have created loads more good memories, particularly helping backstage at productions like West Side Story in November and the ski trip to Italy in February half term. However, smaller things like interesting lessons and catching up with friends have made everyday life at school great as well. One of my favourite things about the school is its beautiful setting. The buildings are so pretty and always lift my mood, while assemblies in the cathedral are the perfect start to the day. 


So while the work in 6th form can be difficult and sometimes stressful, I'm fortunate to say I have found it manageable this year. This is largely due to the support of the teachers who are wonderful and always there to help. Revision and exams is always a tough time of year but I can't wait to go back in June to start learning again. There will also be so many fun things to be involved in with the Young Norfolk Arts Festival- an example of how school helps you to try new things. 


So far, Norwich School has given me exciting new opportunities and a very busy schedule, which I love. It's great to have the freedom in 6th form to fit extracurricular things such as music and committees around work. It makes me feel like I have control over how I manage my time and I can do productive things that aren't schoolwork. 


Although I am halfway through, I now know how much can happen in one year at the 6th form, so there's no doubt next year will be just as good!