Norwich School Sport

Information relating to fixtures and results can be found on the Norwich School sports website.


Aims of Sport at Norwich School

To create the best sporting environment for the pupils, their parents and our guests.

Our approach to ensure the best sporting environment for our pupils is summarised by adopting the following framework:

Participate – Engage pupils in sport and physical activity by creating a range of opportunities for participation. This is achieved through the depth of our Games programme and the breadth of our extra-curricular offering. Through participation we allow pupils to grow their sporting and physical activity interests, and provide appropriate levels of support for all.

Perform – Allow pupils to enhance their talent and compete at a high level both at school and on representative pathways. This is achieved through the running of a comprehensive programme in all our main and competitive sports. Providing additional support through our sport scholarship programme to individuals capable of high achievement in sport.

Prepare – Provide opportunities and positive experiences to equip pupils for a life of leadership, service and with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle outside of our environment.