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Founded in the nineteenth century, Norwich School Boat Club has long been training young rowers to success on a national stage. The club’s programme is based on key principles which aim to enable excellence from both its individual athletes and its competing crews.

Pupils can have an introduction to rowing in the Trinity term of their Upper Fourth year and then choose to join the club from Lower Fifth, when both boys and girls will be taught the discipline of sculling. From Middle Fifth onwards the boys squad will focus on rowing while the girls continue sculling.

The boat club expects all members to maintain the very best academic standards while coping with the intense demands of training and competing. Good time management is a skill our athletes learn very quickly. This, combined with the excellent support provided by the coaching team for each and every member, ensures they make the most of every opportunity available to them.

Our boathouses are located in the picturesque Whitlingham Country Park in Trowse, a little over 2 miles from the Cathedral Close. Members will follow a carefully structured training programme of water and land-based work.  L5 will follow a weekly programme of 5-6 sessions, as athletes move through the school this will increase in preparation for joining our senior squad who complete 12 training sessions per week.