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Norwich School Blog

Valpy House raises money for Monastic School in Ladakh

November 4th 2015


Mrs Diane Saywack reports on the philanthropy project

Mr. Bateman very kindly agreed to continue to support the boy monks of GTC Monastic School in Diskit Monastery, Ladakh.  Over £800 was raised by Valpy House pupils, half of which was presented as a cash gift, half of which was spent in clothing, bedding, health necessities and school kitchen equipment.  Mrs. Saywack visited the School recently and is pleased to report that the boy monks are in rude health and full of energy.  Skin conditions can erupt, though, due to their living in such close proximity, so creams were purchased this year to help combat those.  The Director and teachers of GTC Monastic School are truly grateful for the support they receive, as it enables them to maintain buildings, buy computers and buy a better quality of food and healthcare for the boys.  Last year's contribution also led to the building of a new bathroom for the boys, as well as a programme of decoration of the School and hostel buildings.  The photo shows the boys in a 'fun' pose at the end of Mrs. Saywack's visit.