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The Philadelphia Story

Eloise Cubbin (L6C) previews the upcoming Senior Play, 'The Philadelphia Story', to be performed at the Maddermarket Theatre. Tickets are available from Norwich School's online box office A code for free tickets has been emailed out to staff and pupils. If you have any questions please contact Alice Rickett at

Rehearsals are coming to an end for Norwich School's production of 'The Philadelphia Story' which is to be performed at the Maddermarket Theatre on the 2nd-4th March at 7:30pm. Expertly directed by Alice Rickett, this play follows Tracy Lord, of the Philadelphia Lords, a headstrong and spoiled daughter of the privileged. Divorced from C.K. Dexter Haven, she is engaged to a successful young snob. A society weekly sends a reporter and female photographer to cover the wedding arrangements. Trying to hide the failed marriage of her parents, Tracy's Uncle decides to step in as her father, whilst Tracy finds herself growing interested in someone other than her fiancé. One of my favourite scenes has to be when Tracy tries to convince the reporters that Uncle Willie is in fact her father. Always one for drama, Uncle Willie immediately goes along with the charade leaving the rest of the characters a bit struck, especially when Dexter arrives out of the blue... This chaotic episode is something that truly has to be watched.

Performed by our highly talented sixth form cast, 'The Philadelphia Story' has been an absolute joy to rehearse. With the added challenge of American accents, rehearsals have been full of hard work, dedication and of course, laughter!

The honest and coquettish betrayal of Tracy is performed superbly by Isla Robertson, as Benjie Stimpson portrays the character of Mike in a charming and playful attitude. The acting debuts of Will Pell as Seph Lord and Kai Miller as Uncle Willie are a sight not to be missed.

I am lucky enough to be playing the part of Margaret, Tracy's mother. During my first rehearsal I was given the description of "your character is a young, cool mum". Of course my immediate inspiration was the mum from Mean Girls! As rehearsals progressed I felt myself becoming a lot more emotionally involved with the character. It is clear she has had a rough time after being cheated on and left by her husband whilst trying to raise 3 very strong minded children. However hard her situation may seem, it is also very apparent the love that Margaret has for everyone, especially her family. She goes out of her way to bring the best for her children; a very selfless character. Bringing out this selfless, warm hearted woman in my acting has been made all the easier by the other actors, especially Olivia Keable, Isla Robertson and Will Pierson who wonderfully portray Margaret's children.

The Maddermarket Theatre will be an excellent venue to showcase the talents of the actors, with its intimate size allowing the audience to connect with the characters on a more personal level. The incredible 40's costumes are another perfect element which seems to bring the whole performance together. I have no doubt that this production will create an amazing evening full of laughter and indulgence.