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Norwich School Dance Cabaret 2016

Chiara Bennoti (U6E) writes about her excitement for the forthcoming Norwich School Dance Cabaret show. Tickets are available from the Norwich School Ticketsource for the shows on the 14th and 15th December. With a blend of cabaret acts, musical theatre, hip-hop and fusion dance, this year's line-up will include the significant talents of senior pupils as well as some returning faces, who have continued to dance after they have left Norwich School. The evening promises to be a lively, toe-tapping event of song and dance, a truly unique event in the Norwich School calendar:

The Dance Festival has been a big part of Norwich School for me over several years and it has always been an amazing experience for everyone involved. 

As a choreographer, it has always been a challenge to teach something different each year but those who I choreograph for, mostly M5 and above, always have a positive mind-set and love to bring their ideas into the piece. I mostly teach hip hop/street dance but having a little bit of another style always keeps the routines interesting and not too repetitive. Norwich School also has the Junior Dance Festival, which I also had the opportunity to choreograph for; getting to teach the younger ones I found a fun challenge and inspiring others to dance is a great feeling.

Now that I am in my last year it makes sense to prioritise my school work but I think that dance gives me the chance to release any stress I have. I will certainly enjoy the last few school events which I have the chance to be involved with. Equally learning to balance my time, both my academic school work as well as dance rehearsals, is a valuable skill going forwards. Managing the dancers to be organised and to rehearse in the right place at the right time is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure and with the help of the teachers we've been able to achieve this.

Dancing has always been an important part of my life and I am happy to be able to contribute to the shows by offering my choreography skills. Watching from the audience as a difficult routine goes smoothly is an amazing feeling. Making memories is the best part of being at Norwich School, whether they come from teaching, learning or even helping out back stage in shows and productions. I was, and still am a nervous person when it comes to performing on stage, but I do it and always feel proud of what I have achieved afterwards. Being backstage with your friends is possibly one of the best feelings I've ever had, it makes just as many memories as being on the stage in front of an audience of 800 people!