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Norwich School Blog

Mrs Hill Runs Tokyo Marathon

On 3rd March 2019, Mrs Hill ran the Tokyo marathon in an amazing finish time of 3:33:24. Find out more about her 5th marathon and her fundraising for Parkinson's, below.  

"Tokyo was my 5th major marathon (London, New York, Chicago and Berlin done) and an opportunity to qualify ‘good for age’ for the 6thmajor, Boston, in April 2020 requiring sub 3:40 (against my current PB of 3:44).  

There was a fun ‘Friendship Run’ organised on Saturday, with a mere 2,000 participants. We were all lucky enough to take part in, along with our friends who had travelled out to Japan to support.

Sunday came and with it the persistent rain. Not a pleasant start for the 35,431 eventual finishers but I bizarrely seem to run faster in the wet! The course was broadly city centre-based with a few out and ins, so plenty of opportunities for my support crew to spectate and meant that they were able to cheer loudly at 10km, 17km, 23km and 32km before (as a bonus wrist band for us all entering the Friendship Run) having a spot in the last 100m to cheer home through the finish gate.

Cons: long way to travel, tracking App failure

Pros: ultra-clean, super polite, the subway runs on time, goodie bag towel and fleece, finish time of 3:33:24 (I can’t stop smiling!).

A huge thank you to all my sponsors (I’ve exceeded my target of £1000 and up to nearly £1200 for Parkinson’s)."