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Norwich School Blog

Consultative Committee Assembly

Do you know who the 2020 Norwich School Consultative Committee leaders are? In this blog, pupils introduce themselves to the school community. The following transcript was taken from a Cathedral Assembly, 4th March 2020.


Phoebe Chapman

"Good morning, I’m Phoebe. Mr Rowlandson has invited members of the Consultative Committee to share with you a little about their work and to outline how you can get involved.

The Consultative Committee is a collective of pupils from each year group in the Senior School. We meet as a group or within sub-committees to discuss how to improve the way things are done at Norwich School.

I help to lead the Academic Subcommittee. We are currently discussing many topics. One big one is around allowing the Lower 6 to go home during frees. If successful, this would mimic the style of a university and would allow more freedom for pupils whilst also helping in the transition from GCSEs to A levels. We are also exploring ways for 6th Form pupils to better support 5th Form pupils. This might include increasing the amount of tutoring by older students within the school or improving the amount of assistance the Upper 5 get in choosing their A levels. We would like you to be able to ask the 6th Form pupils about the subjects they study, allowing you a different perspective before the decision is made. To help further we are also looking to increase the number of career talks throughout the school, especially more for younger pupils."


George Bowyer

"I’m George and I head up the estates sub-committee with Alice Palmer in L6 Coke.

Unlike other subcommittees, bringing in changes to school estates is a process that takes time and patience, due to financial considerations. However, this does mean pupils are put first since we have plenty of time to review and consider ideas.

So far we have made plans for more water fountains similar to those found in Dyers. Designated changing areas are coming into place, meaning you will be able to get changed in the main school without going to Daynes. We are also focusing on the building of the new Refectory and would welcome any ideas relating to this."


Abi Hill

"My name is Abi and I co-lead the Sports sub-committee.

So far this year we have helped to create netball caps for the Girls 1st VII. Later this academic year we hope to investigate the format of minor games for all year groups and are also looking into more matches for the Girls 1st XI cricket team (which some of the 5th forms will be involved in). We are always keen to hear any sport-related ideas that you may have, for example, to start and create a new club for a sport you are interested in. Joining the Consultative committee has really helped build my confidence and has also allowed me to contribute to helping to make the school even better."


Macy-Jane Hewitt

"I’m Macy-Jane and I help to lead the well-being subcommittee – this year’s new addition to the Consultative Committee.

Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy (or all three). It is proven that having a good sense of wellbeing can aid in all areas of life; whether it be in sports, the arts, academics or general everyday activities. Most of us are lucky that we enjoy coming to school but we recognise not all children feel the same way towards school life. And that’s ok. Our main priorities as a committee are to make changes to the school which allow the pupils to be more comfortable, healthy and happy. So watch this space…"


Henry Binks

"I’m Henry and I help to lead the Academic sub-committee.

This morning, you have heard some of the things we have been working on over the course of this year. As most of you have created these ideas, we have largely been working on your behalf. The committees are the perfect opportunity for your thoughts and proposals to be heard and acted upon, as you are the driving forces of change within the school. For example, we are currently renewing and modernising the PSHE course to include financial planning and careers options.

It’s easy at times to complain about how things are done. Joining the committees is a great way of expanding your personal statement whilst also directly involving yourself with the school’s decision-making process.

If you are ambitious and interested in taking it a step further, next year you can apply to head one of the 5 committees that are available. I thoroughly recommend this position to you, as Abi said, it can enhance valuable life skills such as organisation, confidence and communication.

Thank you to any pupils who have put forward ideas. If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, be sure to listen out for invites to our next meeting. Alternatively, please speak to Phoebe, George, Abi, Macy-Jane or me or if you are in Lower 5 or Middle 5 to your tutor group rep. Next topics on the agenda are mobile phone use in school and the Merit system – it would be great to have you involved!"