The School Day

Lower School Daily Timetable

Pupils arrive from 8am. School day starts at 8.30am.





 Lesson 1


 Lesson 2


 Morning Break


 Lesson 3


 Lesson 4




Form Period


 Lesson 5


 Lesson 6


 Afternoon Break


 Lesson 7


 Lesson 8


 Form Period


 End of School Day


 Clubs/Activities/Homework Club


 Extended Day


Catering at Norwich School

"It all starts with enjoyment - great tasting, healthy food that pupils look forward to and really love."

The Lower School takes lunch in the school Refectory from 11.50am - 1.00pm.

Meals are provided by Thomas Franks. Food is cooked on-site by professionally trained chefs and our menus incorporate fresh ingredients.

Menus are organised on a seasonal, three-week cycle (see sample below). There is always a choice and pupils are encouraged to take as much fruit, salad, bread, potatoes and vegetables as they need to satisfy their appetites. Chilled water is available throughout service.

Sample menu