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Sport Education

In the Sport Education Department we work to develop the whole individual by increasingly challenging our pupils’ physical, mental and social capabilities – while always promoting an atmosphere of enjoyment and sportsmanship. 

Although the physical aspect of sport is always our main priority, we also introduce pupils to the art of critical analysis, encouraging the skills of observation and evaluation as applied to self and others.

Our curriculum places a special emphasis upon sports and activities that enable the individual to gain the greatest degree of body awareness, movement and co-ordination - the foundations for a life-long enjoyment of sport. 


Curriculum Content

Lower One - Athletic Development, Gym, Football and Athletics

Form One - Athletic Development, Swimming, Invasion Games, Athletics and Tennis

Form Two - Athletic Development, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis

Form Three - Athletic Development, Parkour, Basketball, Tennis and Athletics

We also aim to develop boys’ and girls’ social skills through working in pairs and groups where communication and teamwork are essential.

In short, we provide pupils with every opportunity to improve their abilities, physical and social, both in competitive and non-competitive activities.



Success is not reflected solely by a team’s win-loss record but by the overall performance of the team and its members. Familiarising our pupils with the skill sets required to train and compete at their level is vital for their long-term development. Each scheme of work is designed to teach the skills essential for a pupil of a particular age and this expands year upon year as they graduate from L1 to F3.

Boys learn rugby in the Michaelmas term, hockey in the Lent term and cricket in the Trinity term.  School matches start at Under-9 level with up to four teams playing fixtures against other local prep schools in all three sports.  At Under-10/11 level, we regularly field four rugby teams, six hockey teams and four cricket teams.  Many Form Two boys are selected a year early for these teams, and the vast majority of Third Form pupils appear for the school in one of the three sports during the course of an academic year.  We travel to take part in the IAPS tournaments and always give an excellent account of ourselves, sometimes qualifying at national tournaments.

Girls are coached in the three team sports of hockey, netball and cricket. Matches are played against local independent schools at Under-9 and Under-11 level. We try to arrange matches so that every girl plays at least once during the term in Form 3 (Year 6) and Form One (Year 4). Our Lower School teams have enjoyed amazing success in recent years, qualifying for the National Hockey and National Netball finals.

Games lessons take place twice a week and are taught by a motivated and highly qualified coaching staff who always promote excellence and enjoyment at the individual and team level.

We strive to build strong links between pupils, staff and parents and to this end we organise parents versus staff matches in hockey, netball, cricket and football.