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Norwich School is one of the UK’s most-academically distinguished, with examination results that are consistently among the best in the country.

Subject teachers, Heads of Section and Housemasters work together with our Examinations Office to ensure that our pupils are fully prepared for the internal and public examinations that they will take throughout their time at the school.

Examination qualifications on offer at Norwich School


Pupils at Norwich School take a range of GCSE and IGCSE examinations. Our Departmental Heads continuously review the examinations available and select those which they feel are most likely to stretch and broaden the candidates.

The IGCSE and GCSE examinations are taken in the Fifth Year. However, able mathematics pupils take the examination slightly earlier to allow them the opportunity of studying for a Free Standing Maths Qualification (FSMQ).


In common with the great majority of academically selective schools, we believe that the reformed A-Levels currently offer the best post-16 education model. We do not offer AS-Levels if the subject has become fully linear (i.e. if all the A-Level examinations are taken at the end of the Upper Sixth).

The Examinations Office makes the administrative arrangements for all public and internal examinations within the school. This includes managing the entries, timetabling the exams, resolving exam clashes, administering access arrangements and special consideration issues, and organising the issuing of results and the provision of post-results services.


Private Candidates at Norwich School

Norwich School is one of the last establishments in Norfolk to accept private external candidates to sit public examinations. We offer Modern Language oral examinations and a wide range of GCSE, IGCSE and A Level subjects. If you are interested in becoming an external candidate, please contact Sarah Meader who will be happy to discuss your personal requirements for the exams with you.

Norwich School Parents and Pupils.

If you are currently the parent of a pupil and would like to access examination advice and timetables, you will find this information on the Parent Portal.

Retaking Summer Examinations.

If you are a former Norwich School pupil wishing to retake one or more examinations, please contact Sarah Meader between August and the beginning of February of the academic year before the one in which you wish to sit the examination.


Examination Certificates

Summer 2018 examination certificates for Upper Sixth candidates who left in the summer can be collected at the ON Leavers Lunch held on the first Saturday of the Christmas Holidays. Any uncollected certificates will be sent Recorded Delivery to the home address on our file at the end of March of the year after leaving the school. We are only obliged to keep certificates for 12 months. Once they have entered the postal system, we can accept no further responsibility for them.

Replacement Exam Certificates – Any candidate who has lost his/her certificate should apply directly to the appropriate awarding board for a replacement certificate or certifying statement. Below are links to the websites of the four principal awarding bodies. Read more

The awarding bodies charge charge a minimum of £45 per certificate plus delivery charges. Therefore two (or even three) charges will apply per board if you are applying for GCSE, AS and A2 Level qualifications.

Fees are payable directly by you to each awarding body and delivery of replacement certificates takes between two and six weeks.