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Senior School news

Senior Maths Challenge review

12 March 2018

In November 2017, 87 Norwich School pupils sat the senior maths challenge. Of these, 27 earned bronze certificates, 20 silvers and 14 golds.

The top scorer in U5 was Josh Gray, with a score of 88. Top in L6 was Yawen Yuan, with 97, and top overall were George Clements and Zhige Yu who both scored an incredible 120 out of a possible 125. We also had a number of pupils who qualified for follow-on competitions. 12 pupils qualified for the senior Kangaroo with pupil Max Woolterton earning a certificate of merit. 4 pupils qualified to sit the first round of the British Maths Olympiad, of whom Que Wu, Zhige Yu and George Clements achieved Distinctions.

Last academic year George became the first Norwich School pupil to win a medal in the Olympiad. So how was he going to top that this year? Well, there is a second round in the senior Olympiad. Only the top 200 in the country get this far. Its another three-and-a-half hour paper, but with only 4 questions. Even though it is only taken by the top students in the country, the modal mark for each question is still zero. George took on this challenge, and managed to get 2 of the 4 questions completely correct. This put him in the top 25% of scores, and earned him a certificate of distinction – another first for Norwich School. Mr Bateman will be glad to hear that George’s exploits have ensured a healthy lead for Valpy in the house competition.