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Senior School news

Pupil Lauren Rowe named in Womens England Hockey East National League

02 May 2018

Norwich School pupil Lauren Rowe (U6C) has been named in the Investec Womens England Hockey, East National league team of the year. 

This is an amazing achievement for Lauren, especially as she recently has come back from an injury. Mr Sorrell has been developing her hockey talent and coaching her, whilst Mr Daalhuizen has been part of Lauren's strength and conditioning coaching.

Lauren says:

'I feel honoured to be announced as part of the IWHL East Conference Team of the Year, especially having my name alongside some formidable hockey players such as Crista Cullen and Helen Richardson-Walsh. 

It has been a very big year for me, suffering from an injury that not all athletes fully recover from, I knew it was going to be tough. I feel incredibly lucky with how smoothly my surgery and recovery went. All the sports staff at school were so supportive throughout my recovery process. In particular, Mr Daalhuizen and Mr Sorrell, who worked closely with my physio ensuring I was recovering at the best rate I could. We focussed on making sure that I would be more than prepared, in all aspects of my game, to step back on the pitch when I was ready to do so. 

All of this hard work meant that I returned to the hockey pitch stronger than before and I believe being named part of the Team of the Year is a testament to that.'

Lauren has an individualised rehab programme and Strength and Conditioning sessions three times per week in the schools Performance Gym, led by Mr Daalhuizen. 

Mr Daalhuizen says Lauren has been '...unbelievably dedicated and never missed a session -  Lauren always did what I asked her to do with 110% effort. Her fantastic attitude and relentless energy, even when things were tough, have helped her return from a significant injury and she is playing some fantastic hockey again.'















Above: IWHL East Team 

Below: Lauren Rowe (right) with Kate Richardson-Walsh and Jake Cushion, fellow Norwich School Hockey Captain.