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Senior School news

Pupil Grace Murray interviews Margaret Atwood

26 February 2018

Grace Murray, M5B, is one of this year's UNESCO Young Ambassadors for the Writers' Centre Norwich. Last week, she got the chance to interview Margaret Atwood, patron to the new National Centre for Writing. 


Grace had the opportunity to ask Atwood many questions, but her favourite was, 'You have written lots of dystopian novels. We, as humans, tend to believe that the future will be better than the present, or the past. Post-Trump, do you believe this?'


Having read a lot of Atwood's books, Grace said, 'It was very easy to find questions for her - I love her intricate story-lines and so I wanted to know everything!' She added, 'After all, the last thing written in The Handmaid’s Tale was: "Are there any questions?"'


We asked Grace a few questions of our own following her interview with Margaret Atwood. 


What publications inspire you as a writer yourself?  

GM: The Writers’ Centre Norwich has an amazing website, full of competitions and tips from authors, so I tend to read that. 


How do you personally find time to write? 

GM: I try and write something every week: on scraps of paper, and in my notebook- I also go to the creative writing group on Thursday.


What does literary success look like to you? 

GM: Literary success means, for me, published novels/short stories/poems that can be enjoyed by many people across the world.


What hopes do you have from this year as a young ambassador for the Writers' Centre? 

GM: Everything that has happened to me so far through the Writers’ Centre Norwich has been spectacular- the opportunity to interview Margaret Atwood was simply astounding. I am looking forward to working on my Arts Award with the centre this year. 
















Grace Murray M5B and Margaret Atwood at the Writers' Centre Norwich.















Margaret Atwood being interviewed by Grace Murray M5B and Emily from Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form.

































Grace Murray M5B, interviewing Margaret Atwood at the Writers' Centre Norwich.


All photographs by Thom Law Photography