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Senior School news

Norwich School's Unplugged Part 2 Released

16 February 2021

Norwich Schools Unplugged Concert, which normally happens this time of year, showcases excellent unplugged musical performances from our pupils. 

This year the concert, which has been pre-recorded at the pupils' houses, will be released in three separate films throughout the term. 

At the beginning of the month, we released the first part of the concert, and are now delighted to share with you the second part. 

Unplugged - Part One

  1. Alice-Lily Nnene, Frankie Riordan and Mary Smith all U6
  2. Alice Platten and Eliza Prior both M5
  3. Rowan Parsons U6
  4. Ava Gulliver-Jary M5
  5. Abi Hill and Arjuna Puvanachandra both L6
  6. Amy Griffiths U5
  7. Jade Adams U6
  8. Out of the ashes (Kitty Taylor, Louis Davis, George Thomas all U6 & William Thomas U5)

Unplugged - Part 2 

1.   Brooke Elley U6
2.   Rosemary Zhang M5
3.   Poppy Woodruff L6
4.   Sam Parretti L4
5.   Elsa Ardern and Olivia Holdcroft both U6
6.   Nora Ostergaard M5
7.   Abi Mansley L6
8.   Sophie Duez and Josh Field both U6

Many congratulations to the performers