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Senior School news

Norwich School Offers Allotments for Unique New Theatre Project

22 April 2022

Norwich School allotments are to be used by theatre group Orange Skies, who are bringing their show 'Wild Onion' to Norwich in May.

'Wild Onion' is a new kind of narrative cabaret blending theatre, dance and circus arts, with an eclectic playlist and approximately 100 onions. The show brings 3 best friends together in a riotous, compassionate hour, finding that in the support of chosen family we’re all able to grow.

Unique to the show is the key role played by onions. From red to white, shallots to spring onions to leeks, 'Wild Onion' is filled to the brim with these smelly, tasty and heart-warming veggies. Co-Artistic Director Rachel Elizabeth Coleman shares some oniony secrets, and the environmental themes at the heart of the show:

"Wild Onion harkens to the support networks and communities that, especially after COVID, we’ve really begun to see and celebrate. Our growing and learning isn’t something that happens in isolation, but really thrives in connection with other people, and our onions are a reminder of that onstage. We’ve taken this ethos right back into how we’ve made the show, keeping our waste to a minimum, sourcing costume secondhand, and connecting with local schools in Norwich to celebrate the importance of providing young people with nature connection and environmental learning opportunities."

After their Norwich shows, Orange Skies will be using our School allotments to compost the used onions from the production. Norwich School is delighted to offer our allotments as part of this project, to help minimise any waste and utilise our brilliant allotment spaces!

Find out more about the show on the Norwich Theatre website here.