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Senior School news

Norwich School Hosts Year 5 Pupil and Adult Maths Masterclasses

06 November 2018

Saturday 3rd November saw Norwich School host the first in a series of Maths Masterclasses for local Year 5 Pupils and their parents.

The day saw 50 families from a range of Norfolk primary schools experience a morning of maths exploration and learning. Pupils and parents worked together during the morning to learn about curiosities such as the 1089 problem and solve a mathematical magic trick. Expert guidance was given by the school’s Head of Maths, Dr Kirby, and maths teaching staff Mrs Elphick and Mrs Hill. Norwich School prefects were also on hand during the event to give guidance to pupils and their parents. The Maths Masterclass, first in a series of event scheduled to run throughout the year, was a free event designed to give Year 5 pupils an opportunity to expand both pupil and parent understanding of the subject.

Head of Mathematics at the school, Dr Simon Kirby, described the morning as “a fantastic morning of maths with exceptionally keen pupils looking to find out more about numbers as well as trying to understand why numbers do what they do. It was really nice to see adults doing maths too, and also asking questions! Maths is more than just numbers and sums, it hides away some beautiful behaviour too."

Future Maths Masterclasses are due to take place in the Spring Term and will be advertised on the school's Outreach page here.


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