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Magical Musical Theatre Nights

05 February 2024

Norwich School's infamous Musical Theatre Nights have become a highlight of the term, offering performances from both contemporary and classics, audience members find themselves cheering, laughing and perhaps even shedding a tear. These evenings not only showcase the wide range of talent amongst our cohort but also encapsulate the vibrancy of our school community.

L6 Pupil, Cleo Gregory shares her experiences, as a performer and audience member, of the Musical Theatre Nights from the past two weeks;

"The last two weeks have seen the return of the very popular annual musical theatre nights, and they did not disappoint! Fantastically organised by Posy Walton, the evenings featured over 30 performances each night, with songs from classic musicals such as My Fair Lady and Carousel to more recent musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen and Aladdin; there was something for everyone. 

I was lucky enough to perform on both musical theatre nights, singing a duet with Freya Osborne (‘I Still Believe’ from Miss Saigon) and a solo of ‘My Brother Lived In San Francisco’ from Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens. Due to performing in the second half of both evenings, I found it extremely inspiring to watch my peers showcase their talent before stepping up onto the stage myself, full of adrenaline, to present my songs. It was a fantastic opportunity to perform in front of a packed and enthusiastic audience in the relaxed setting of the Blake Studio. 

In watching the other performers, I was reminded of my first musical theatre night, and it felt like an honour to see the younger students getting involved and displaying their talents; I look forward to watching as they progress. Meanwhile, older students gave compelling performances, such as Alice Platten’s hugely impressive rendition of ‘Glitter and Be Gay’ from Candide, and Ben Griffiths’ incredibly engaging portrayal of ‘Words Fail’ from Dear Evan Hansen. 

It was fantastic to see students of all ages and amounts of experience come together to share their passion for musical theatre, and a huge thank you to Posy Walton for organising it!" 

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