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Senior School news

Jasmine Sargeant (L4) Wins 'We Wonder: Mission to Mars' STEM Literacy Competition

22 June 2021

Jasmine Sargeant (L4) has been named as the KS3 winner of the recent STEM-literacy project, ‘We Wonder: Mission to Mars’

‘We Wonder: Mission to Mars’ is a project run in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and Townshend & Turner.

L4 pupils each read a non-fiction book from the project list, which ranged from those exploring global warming and how to make real change with inspiration from Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion; scientific discoveries made by challenging conventions and women who become pioneers in computing and mathematics.

Pupils were also tasked with designing a Mars ‘hab’, which is a nickname for the living quarters or habitat of the astronauts. The project saw pupils create bold, innovative designs for habitats.

Two designs from our pupils were entered into the nationwide competition. Congratulations to Jasmine Sargeant and Jack Foreman, and special commendation also to Maya Riches, Thomas Lodge and Martha Ramsay-Breslin.

We are extremely proud to announce that Jasmine Sargeant was named the nationwide winner of the KS3 competition with her habitat design.

The judges were impressed at the detail put into the design, with its focus on sustainability and functionality. Jasmine even considered the ways in which families living on Mars could keep healthy and happy including telling stories to each other about life back on Earth.