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Senior School news

GCSE Results 2019

22 August 2019

GCSE Results 2019

Success rates: A*: 45 %, A*- A : 72%, A*- B: 87%, A*- C: 99%

7 candidates with 10 A* or better; 16 candidates with 9 A* or better; 26 with 8 A* or better

NB. Some subjects have been given a numerical grade this year. The above figures have been calculated using the conversion: A* = 9 or 8, A = 7, B = 6, C = 5 or 4.

Pupils at Norwich School are celebrating another year of excellent GCSE results. 98.9% of all results were graded A*-C, 87.3% at A*-B, 71.5% at A*-A and 44.5% at A*.

Head Master, Steffan Griffiths commented, “45% A* and 72% A*-A across all subjects again demonstrates Norwich School’s consistency as one of the highest achieving co-educational day schools in the country. Such strong academic performances, alongside these pupils’ busy co-curricular lives at school and community contributions, provide an excellent platform from which to approach Sixth Form study. I am proud of all our GCSE pupils and offer warm congratulations to them all!”

Successes have been seen across departments with creative arts subjects, sciences, history and geography flourishing. At a time when the place of creativity in the formal curriculum is under scrutiny, we are particularly pleased that these subjects continue to be a strength of the provision at Norwich School, both in terms of take-up and final outcomes:

-  Of 75 grades in art, drama, music, 2D design, 3D design and photography, 56 (75%) are at A* and 70 (93%) at A*-A.

Andrew Rowlandson, Head of 5th Form said, “Well done to all our pupils on a fantastic set of results, which reflect much hard work and perseverance; many thanks also to parents, staff and all members of the school community who have supported them. We wish them well for the Sixth Form, where they can continue to develop both their academic and extra-curricular interests further.”

Once again there has been some outstanding individual successes with pupils thriving both inside and outside of the classroom. The Upper Fifth is a year group that has put in both energy and enthusiasm into life beyond school and have contributed to the wider community in many areas.

Congratulations to all our pupils.