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Football Focus

25 March 2024

The girls 1st XI enjoyed an unbeaten season, winning all four of their fixtures. The team has been led by captain Lila Eden superbly well over the term and she leaves the programme in a great place for the future. The team played entertaining football from start to finish whilst also building in a determination to defend with energy and aggression game by game.

Scoring 23 goals and only conceding 5 with a playing style to be proud, we are delighted to celebrate the most successful season for girl's football ever. This follows the record breaking season for the boys programme and brings an end to two fantastic terms of Norwich School football.

NS Football & Rugby 13 Feb 24-01.jpg
NS Football and Rugby 13 Feb 24-02.jpg
NS Football & Rugby 13 Feb 24-02.jpg
NS Football and Rugby 13 Feb 24-15.jpg