Senior School news

Celebrating The Chinese New Year

09 February 2024

Today is New Year’s Eve in the Chinese speaking world in preparation for the Year of the Dragon. On Wednesday and Thursday, Norwich School welcomed the Year of the Dragon with an Assembly for the Main and the Lower School.

During both assemblies, we learnt about the significance of the dragon in Chinese culture and about what dragons are really like as well as the hopes for the New Year. Dragons are particularly auspicious as they can communicate between heaven, earth, and humans and have the power to bring good weather and plentiful harvests or in today’s world prosperity for all.

Norwich School is fortunate to have a whole cohort of dragons born in 2012 whom we hope will live up to the character of this noble creature. We want all our young dragons to be like the Chinese dragon, full of fighting spirit and strength and able to use their developing charisma and leadership skills for the greater good. The School is also lucky enough have a few wise dragons on the teaching and support staff to serve as role models to us all.

There are many ways to wish a Happy New Year in Chinese;

龙年快乐!- Happy Year of the Dragon 

龙年来临,愿你展翅飞翔,鸿运当头。Hoping that you spread your wings and fly in the Year of the Dragon. 

Kung Hei Fat Choy! 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!