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A Group of L5 and M5 Pupils Are Gearing Up The Greenpower Electric Car

27 March 2024

A team of L5 and M5 have been constructing a Greenpower Electric Car and have made significant progress over the last few months.

The Greenpower Challenge is a national, and now international, competition in which students design, build and race an electric kit car. Currently there are 700+ schools in the UK and 10 000+ students taking part, from primary to university. With the support of school and the FONS, we have been able to buy the car in its 'kit' form, a work-shed, tools and the racing gear (helmets, overalls, gloves).

The motor and electrics are now fitted and working. Once the wheels are balanced and brakes fitted, the car will be mobile. The final job is to fit and paint the bodywork, and then practice race strategy!

The aim is to run the car for the longest distance on a single charge of two batteries. We are aiming to compete for the first time at Lotus' Hethel test track on 12 May.

We are looking for materials to reinforce the workshop/shed, in particular flooring (eg - spare loft/floor boards, lino etc), folding chairs, a gazebo/shelter (for race days), paint, cable ties, amongst other things. Perhaps you are having a clear out of sheds and garages over Easter? 

If you have something you think we might find useful, have any questions or would like to arrange to donate something, please email Ms Ling!

We are also looking for sponsorship to support the pupils in their challenge and to maybe provide them with some team gear for when they face the track! (eg team polo shirts!’

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