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Senior School news

25 pupils receive awards at the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

09 July 2018

Congratulations to the 25 Norwich School L6 pupils who received awards in the 2018 Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

This gruelling challenge is a real test of resilience, knowledge and application. Obtaining any certificate is an achievement (over 50% of entrants nationally do not get any award) and, of the top awards, only 700 are given out.

Results were as follows:



Angus Russell and Jessica Shu.


Ryan Allard, Charlie Austin, Walter Buttery, Toby Culling, Steven Denby, Jack Heaton, Dodovah Iwo, Rowan Kiam, Jason Lee, Ed Parkinson, Harry Peachment and Srinivas Suresh.


Dennis Adibe, Cameron Aldren, Emily Cheung, Hannah Dobson, Henry Lee, Angus Jamieson, Tom Cheung, Henry Mills, Harry Paterson, Anton Shapland and George Wood.