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Lower School news

Pupils are Getting Ready for the Arrival of #DippyOnTour

02 June 2021

A joint project between the Cathedral, Natural History Museum's Dippy On Tour exhibition, and Norwich School will see Norfolk Primary pupils contributing to the visitor experience when the public comes to view Dippy the dinosaur in the cathedral. 

Pupils from 5 local primary schools are taking part by creating a time tunnel-based around the late Jurassic period using drawings of the creatures and insects which inhabited the Earth during Dippy's time. Over the next few weeks staff from Norwich School's Art & Design, Biology and Partnerships departments, as well as Sixth Form Scholars, will be taking to the road traveling around the county delivering workshops during which pupils will be encouraged to think about how the Earth may have looked different 150million years ago. Pupil drawings, writing, and questions will all be used in sections of the tunnel in this collaborative project and they will have the chance to see their work in the tunnel over the summer. 

The time tunnel is being designed and constructed by Norwich School Art & Design scholars and will be positioned in the cathedral's dark entry for visitors to walk through before entering the Nave where Dippy will be residing until October 2021.