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Lower 2 Venture From the Cathedral Close To The City Of London!

12 March 2024

Our Lower 2 pupils travel from the Cathedral Close to the big city! Their London adventure started the minute they were off the train, navigating the London Underground's steep escalators, busy platforms and complicated maps, en route to the British Museum via their youth hostel.

With only 40 minutes to spare, they headed straight to the mummies to see artefacts they had learned about in History, then downstairs to see hieroglyphs and cartouches engraved in stone. Pupils then made their way to the BP Lecture Theatre in the museum where they learned about why mummification took place, and how our understanding of mummification has progressed over the years!

Pupils then were given time to explore and play in the Jubilee Gardens and take part in a spot of souvenir shopping before stepping onto the London Eye for a bird's-eye view of the city. Lower 2 pupils particularly enjoyed the Uber Boat and travelling over the Millennium Bridge where they studied intricately painted discarded chewing gum blobs by artist Ben Wilson.

After an evening meal at Pizza Express in a VIP room, the children let off steam by running wildly around Paternoster Square, no doubt to the surprise of nearby city workers. 

The following morning, pupils came face to face with penguins, pirhanas, rays and sharks at the London Aquarium, as a head-start to their study of oceans next term. The final highlight of the trip was a visit to Shrek's Adventure, a truly magical and exhilarating experience for them. After riding on a flying bus, they set about escaping the anger of an upset Rumpelstiltskin, helped by a variety of fairy tale characters and, of course, the ogre himself. 

By the time our Lower 2 pupils took their final tube trip back to Liverpool Street station they knew the London underground just like the locals!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable trip for pupils and staff alike.