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Lower 2 Discover The Ancient World

18 January 2024

On Thursday 18 January, The Lower School was abuzz with pharaohs, slaves and archaeologists in magnificent costumes when Lower 2 pupils were treated to a full day of Ancient Egyptian activities and learning.

The morning started with a fact hunt and moved on to a hands-on study of original 3000 year old artefacts including perfume jars, amulets and even a piece of original bandage from a tomb!
After lunch, they participated in a drama workshop where the pharoah, surrounded by priests and slaves, fell ill and died. A gruesome mummification followed before a send-off to the Underworld with chanting, the Book of the Dead and a rowdy procession around the Hall. The was finally laid to rest in a tomb and a successor named.
The Lower 2 citizens of Egypt celebrated their new pharoah by hunting hippos and crocodiles with a foam arrow.
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