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Dance for Performance Group Earns Spot in National Finals

11 March 2024

Our 'Dance for Performance Group' has secured their place in the National Finals of the Great Big Dance Off, set to take place at Oxford New Theatre in June. The group, comprised of talented dancers, will represent Norwich Lower School as they compete against schools from across the country.

Their journey to the finals began with a stellar performance on Monday, 11th March, during the heats held in Stevenage. The group wowed the judges and audience alike with their captivating interpretation of a Wednesday Addams inspired piece, showcasing both technical skill and artistic flair.

Behind their success lies the dedication and hard work of the dancers, who have devoted countless hours to perfecting their routines and honing their craft under the guidance of Miss Webb, Head of Performing Arts - Lower School. Their commitment to excellence has propelled them to the national stage, where they aim to make their mark with their passion and talent. 

As they prepare to face off against the best of the best, our Dance for Performance Group stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication in pursuit of one's dreams. Stay tuned for more updates as they gear up for the highly anticipated National Finals.