Lower School news

Becoming Book Fairies!

14 December 2023

Yesterday the Lower School reading ambassadors transformed into book fairies to spread the joy of reading in Norwich City Centre. They undertook this initiative as part of the work that the book fairy charity promotes, where free books are left in public spaces for others to collect.

Pupils donated books from their own bookshelves which were then re-gifted in Norwich by the reading ambassadors. Distributing the books in prominent locations like Cathedral Close and Tombland ensured that the books reach a wide audience and encourages people to explore the joy of reading.

The reading ambassadors were accompanied on their walk by book fairy and local author Karen Li. She is the author of ‘The Golden Mango Tree’, which has recently been nominated for an East Anglian Book award.

The process of become a book fairy captures the imagination and makes the act of sharing books feel like a magical and delightful experience. Pupils were excited to meet a family in the Cathedral Cloisters, who they could immediately gift some books to.

Overall, the book fairy charity is a creative and community-driven way to promote literacy, encourage generosity, and bring people together through the shared love of books. The reading ambassadors are looking forward to becoming book fairies again in the future.