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Senior School news

National Storytelling Week - Kevin Graal visit to Norwich School

30 January 2019

Norwich School pupils were lucky enough to receive a visit from professional storyteller Kevin Graal - right in the heart of National Storytelling Week (26 Jan-2 Feb).

Kevin tells stories from all over the world, from Zimbabwe to Hungary, from the middle East to his native Ireland. With stories that are sometimes scary, usually surprising, but always absolutely captivating, Kevin is a highly skilled storyteller who has worked with schools, museums and community groups for over 30 years.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment - it has a unique power because of how simple and direct it is - but also gives audiences the scope to interpret the stories in their own way. Storytelling is at the root of all art forms: because we think in story firm, this is how we make sense of the world - from last night's television, through family feuds and first loves.  Performance storytelling can be a powerful experience, entertaining and moving and often memorable.

Norwich School pupils in Reception, Lower 1, Upper 1, Lower 2, Lower 3, Lower 4 and Upper 4 all got the chance to hear from Kevin over his two day visit.

More details on Kevin's storytelling can be found on his website here.