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Senior School news

GCSE Results 2018 – celebrations at Norwich School

23 August 2018

Success rates: A*: 45%; A*- A: 71%; A* - B: 89%; A*- C: 99%
1 candidate with 11 A*; 5 candidates with 10 A* or better; 14 candidates with 9 A* or better

NB. Some subjects have been given a numerical grade this year. The above figures have been calculated using the conversion: A* = 9 or 8, A = 7, B = 6, C = 5 or 4.

Norwich School is celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results this year, with 9s accounting for over a fifth of the grades in subjects which have been marked using the new system. It is not just the final outcomes which are strong but also pupil progress: the average value added above national predictions is a very healthy 0.65.

Head Master, Steffan Griffiths commented, “We are thrilled that nearly half of all grades are at A* or its equivalent, particularly as the added value statistics suggest that candidates have scored more than half a grade per person per subject above expectations. There has been much curricular change to absorb and this cohort has shown significant determination to be so successful with the new specifications. These boys and girls also contribute much to our community besides academic work and we are all very proud of them”.

Successes have been seen across departments, ensuring that pupils are well placed to pursue their subjects of choice in the Sixth Form. Performances in the reformed subjects are particularly pleasing:
-       in maths over a quarter of grades are at 9, more than half at 8 or better and three quarters at 7 or better;
-       in creative subjects, 69% of all grades are at 8 or 9;
-       the Religious Studies department is also celebrating, with 96% of pupils collecting an 8 or 9.
Andrew Rowlandson, Head of 5th Form said, “Well done to all our pupils on a fantastic set of results, which reflect much hard work and perseverance. Many thanks to parents, staff and all members of the school community who have supported them. We wish them well for the Sixth Form, where they can continue to develop both their academic and extra-curricular interests further.”
Congratulations to all our pupils.
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GCSE Results 2018
GCSE Results 2018 – celebrations at Norwich School