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Lockdown Poetry - Writer's Bloc share with us poems inspired by their time at home

Members of Writer's Bloc, our creative writing and poetry club have been writing poems inspired by their time during lockdown. Below are three fantastic poems:

A Poem for the NHS by Grace Yeo

When this time has passed

And the torrents of tears have stopped falling

Light will thread itself through the toughest of barricades

Things that have been dreamt

Things from wishes

Things from the heart’s desire

Will flood the broken world.


When Covid-19 has said goodbye

We will laugh

We will cry

We will struggle

But life goes on.

Covid-19 has damaged our lives, but

We will laugh in the face of adversity.


When we see friends again

In cafes

In restaurants

In our homes

We will remember the heroes:

The heroes who saved us from the smothering darkness.


When this is history

The unsung heroes will fade

But will be remembered

(Silently working)

(Smiling quietly)

We will remember:

Thank you NHS!


Hawaii by Amelia Holdcroft

Swimming in the clear blue ocean with my best friend.

Hawaii’s amazing volcanoes beneath our feet.

Drinks in a coconut shell being brought to us

And the sun is beaming bright.

Blue skies, rainbow fish, swimming pigs

Can it get much better?


At the End by Toby Adlam

When it’s the end I wanna see people.

I wanna be free and see, so many friends.

I wanna ignore distancing, and go out in groups of 100.

Parding the streets and causing chaos.

 Ill have so much fun and won’t use teams again.

I can use a pen and paper for the first time in forever.

 And go over to friends and play.

 I’ll be head over heels with joy.

 But before I do anything I wanna check that it is finally over.

One can never be to sure.

Please 2098 come faster……..