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Lower School news

Form 2 Pupils visit Kentwell Hall

03 October 2017

On Monday 25th September, Form 2 pupils travelled back to the year 1600, meeting locals from the Tudor Era at Kentwell Hall, Suffolk, who shared their concerns about plague and the Spanish with us.

Our pupils were intrigued by herbal remedies and the work of the local alchemist, enjoyed dancing with the travelling musicians, assisting at the woodpile, singing ditties, watching their friends 'live' on well, not TV but the Camera Obscura, in a darkened room and indulging in freshly prepared gingerbread men and flapjacks. They keenly listened to the workers in the bakery, dairy and weaving room, while others preferred being outside to learn about archery, to help protect us against those marauding Spaniards! With their groats and pennies burning a hole in their drawstring pockets, the children contributed greatly towards the local economy, particularly from sales of the wooden cup-and-ball and yo-yo toys.

Kentwell Hall

Kentwell Well

Kentwell Hall