Ethos and Aims

The pupil journey 

  • A lifelong love of learning is at the heart of the holistic educational journey for each Norwich School pupil. The wider Norwich School family of staff, parents, alumni and other supporters works together to nurture our young people, both in Cathedral Close and beyond. 


  • Education has been associated with Norwich Cathedral and Christian principles since its earliest beginnings at the end of the 11th century. Set in The Close at the heart of our city, Norwich School is the proud 21st century heir to this tradition.  
  • As the leading school of any type in East Anglia and one of the best co-educational day schools in the United Kingdom, our outstanding all-round practice blends tradition and innovation to serve the short and long term interests of every pupil.  


  • Our community’s daily activities and relationships are nurtured by the timeless guiding concepts of inclusion, love and compassion.  


  • We have a restless ambition for self-improvement at the forefront of pedagogical innovation in local, national and international contexts; a beacon in the East of educational excellence.  


  • Inspiring young people to develop their curiosity in intellectual, creative and practical spheres, thereby establishing capacity for pupils to become reflective thinkers who are capable of handling complex concepts and articulate expression in varied media;  
  • Enabling every pupil to fulfil their unique potential by establishing a platform of rich and varied educational opportunity;  
  • Creating for all pupils opportunities in leadership and service which will empower them to be ambitious forces for good in communities throughout their lives. 

EDI Statement

EDI at Norwich School is understood through the prism of our ethos and aims in the following ways:

  • During their time at Norwich School pupils explore Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with openness and curiosity.
  • Norwich School is proud to be based in Cathedral Close, the welcoming and inclusive heart of our city.
  • It is important to us that our pupils feel safe in bringing their identities to school each day.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our core values to understand and uplift every voice in the school community.
  • Our commitment to EDI is reflected in staff training, academic curriculum and co-curricular opportunities.
  • Through their experiences at Norwich School pupils will engage with a range of different perspectives, respectfully and with open minds.
  • We have a number of clubs and societies which are dedicated to advocacy and activism; these include Pride Croup, Feminist Society, REACH (Race, Ethnicity And Cultural Heritage), Neurodiversity Group, Round Table Talks and an annual EDI calendar of events.
  • Norwich School champions pupil voice and encourages leadership, and allyship. We are linked with external organisations including ACEN (African Caribbean Education Network), the Halo Code, the Norfolk LGBT+ Project, Being Luminary, Bold Voices and the ADHD Foundation.

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