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'Getting Into Her Habit': an Exhibition by Harri Hudspith (10-14)

04 March 2022

‘Getting Into Her Habit’ [March 29 – April 01 at St James Priory, Bristol 10am-3.30pm] 

Getting Into Her Habit’ is an exhibition of works created by the artist-researcher Harri Hudspith as part of their doctoral research into the writer and mystic. St Teresa of Avila. Through an emulative and practice-based approach drawn from Teresa’s own mystical practice as a framework for research, Hudspith’s work looks to develop a closer understanding of the psychological role of language in Teresa’s mystical experience. Emerging from this imitative and embodied approach, the works in this exhibition detail the encounter between these two practices, one artistic, one mystical, and explore the unfolding psychological landscape Hudspith encountered through the threshold of Teresa’s texts.  


We are delighted to invite you to the exhibition's private view drinks reception to preview the work.  

Date: March 29 

Time: 6-9pm 

Location: St James Priory, 1 Whitson St, Bristol, BS1 3NZ 

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Later that week the exhibition will close with a round table discussion entitled ‘Thinking Methodologically: Creative Arts practice and academic research’. This event brings together artists, researchers and writers whose research practices all employ creative, embodied and ‘non-traditional’ approaches to academic research. The event looks to spark a discussion about the methodologies used in interdisciplinary humanities research and how we might develop new and challenging approaches by drawing from the practice-focused approaches used in Creative Arts research. 


Date: 01 April 2022 

Time: 2-4pm 

Location: St James Priory (1 Whitson Street, Bristol, BS1 3NZ) 


Online registration: