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The name for the Seagrim House comes from not one, but two distinguished Old Norvicensians: Derek and Hugh Seagrim, brothers who attended the school during the 1920s and subsequently joined the army. In 1943, Derek Seagrim placed himself at the very front of his men, personally assaulting two machine gun posts in North Africa. His courage was such that one of his captains recalled Seagrim “just strolling around as if he was on the parade square”. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. Hugh Seagrim was a delightfully eccentric man, most at home with the hill people of Burma - the Karen. He was awarded the George Cross in recognition of his bravery whilst conducting consistently hazardous work behind enemy lines. The qualities of these two brothers are attributes members of Seagrim House might strive to emulate: courage, forbearance, selflessness, determination, consideration, compassion and patience. By promoting such values and looking to the example of these two incredible men, Seagrim House aims to nurture confident and caring boys and girls who live life to the full. Seagrim House runs a ‘Quiz and Chips’ for its pupils in the Michaelmas Term and a ‘Seagrim Supper’ for parents and friends in the Lent Term.  Both are well attended, fun events, which cement us together as a community within the School.

AP CURTIS, Housemaster
Seagrim House



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