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Politics will be offered at Norwich School at AS and at A2. The examining board is AQA. This course consists of four themes:

  • representation
  • decision making
  • power
  • political ideas

It outlines the major political institutions, processes, relationships, ideologies, values and concepts to be studied at local, national and European levels. The main focus of the course is on the UK at AS and at A2, the USA (although all students are required to undertake some comparative study of aspects of other political systems in order to ensure an understanding of the distinctive feature of UK government and politics). Concepts such as power, authority, freedom, democracy, representation, equality, toleration, class, accountability, rights, responsibilities and citizenship, processes such as political initiation and implementation and tradition such as liberalism, conservatism, social reform and Marxism are relevant to many sections of the subject content and students should be familiar with them and their application. Students are expected to inform themselves of contemporary political events, issues and developments in the political system by using newspapers, weekly news journals and news and current affairs programmes and relating the information they gain from these sources to the framework they acquire in their formal studies. It is particularly important that the students should illustrate their work with examples from such sources as well as with examples from text books or other study materials.


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