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The Biology Department at Norwich School aims to:

  • develop an interest in Biology from a young age;
  • foster an appreciation for the environment on a local and global scale;
  • educate and inform pupils about the latest developments in the Biological Sciences including ethics and morals of the modern Biological age and how the Science contributes to society;
  • stimulate and prepare pupils for higher education by developing essential study skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject.

The Biology Department has five full time teaching staff and two experienced lab technicians provide support for staff and pupils. Biology is taught in four well-appointed laboratories in the Science building, Horse Fair House.

There are opportunities for pupils at all levels to work at local research facilities such as the John Innes Centre and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to complete Nuffield Bursaries and Crest Gold Award projects. Previous Gold Crest Award pupils have gained medals in the National Science and Engineering competition. The top pupils in the Upper 6 are also offered the opportunity to sit the Society of Biology's Olympiad. Every year pupils achieve a range of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


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