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The Lower School provides an extensive and comprehensive programme of before, during and after school clubs for all year groups, all abilities and through our Natural History Club – all family members too! We believe that opportunity lies at the heart of our broad curriculum nurturing and developing pupils in preparation for their future endeavours. Clubs provide opportunities to try something new, develop and improve an existing skill or indeed for pupils to extend themselves further.  Teaching staff, parents and external experts deliver a myriad of different clubs and activities during the course of the academic year with suggestions made by the School Council. We endeavour to build strong links between pupils, staff and parents with parent v staff matches in hockey, netball, cricket and football.

Sport: Tennis, Rugby Fitness, Boys’ Netball, Running & Sprint, Football (indoor/outdoor), Canoeing, Badminton, Taekwondo, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse,  Girls’ Rugby, Juggling, Softball, Baseball, Hockey , Cricket, Rounders, Swimming, Fencing.

Music & Drama: Wind Band, Guitar Group, Guitar Emsemble, Hot Air, String Orchestra, Stickers Percussion,  Chamber Choir , School Choir (over 100 participants),  Gleeks performance, Hocus Pocus drama, Zumba dance.

Arts and Crafts: Collage, Observational Drawing, Craft, Textiles, Outdoor Art.

Others: Adobe Photoshop, Scratch, Movie Making, Touch Typing, Natural History, Board Games, Chess, Languages, Lego, Jackanory, Cycling, Cookery , Origami, Gardening, Bingo,Warhammer, Speed Stacking, Cubs & Scouts.


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