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Payment of Fees and Charges

The following methods of payment are available to parents:

Direct debit

The direct debit mandate is the preferred method of paying fees and charges. You should download and complete the Direct Debit form and send it to the school to be put in place. Download the form here.

The majority of fees are settled by direct debit because, for the school and parents and fee payers alike, it is easy to administer and cost effective. Parents are invited to complete the Direct Debit form and return it to the school. The fee bill will notify parents that the fees and charges are being paid by direct debit and also inform parents of the date the payment will be made. The school will charge parents with the costs the school incurs for not being able to collect a payment as agreed under the Direct Debit mandate. Parents are urged to contact the Bursary if any changes to the Direct Debit instructions arise.

Debit or Credit card payment

Fees and charges may be paid by debit or credit card either on-line, in person at the school reception, or by phone. The school will add the cost of making a payment using a credit card to the total fees and charges owing. [more]

Parents and fee payers wishing to settle fees and charges by debit or credit card can find, on our website, the section "make a payment" link on the School's website and follow directions for making the payment, being sure to provide the "Parent Ref" alpha-numeric number found at the bottom left of the Remittance Advice at the foot of the Fee bill with their payment.
Parents and fee payers may also visit the School reception at 71a The Close to settle the amount owing during normal office hours.

Parents and fee payers may contact the Bursary by telephone on 01603 728 436 to make a debit or credit card payment by phone during normal office hours.

Monthly payment in advance

Monthly Payment via School Fee Plan –This agreement enables parents to pay school fees on a monthly basis. Parents can apply in advance and be ready for the start of the term and the credit agreement can be signed online, negating the need for paperwork or postage.  If you wish to find out more about this, find our link on the school website or go to: https://www.myschoolfeeplan.com/NorwichSchool-NR1

Fees in Advance

The school operates a Fees In Advance scheme with respect to those looking to pay between one and fiver year's tuition fees in advance. [more]

The school's Fees In Advance scheme makes it possible for any person to pay tuition fees, for a named pupil, in advance. Such payments are often organised by relatives of the pupil wishing to contribute to the pupil's fees or by those who wish to ensure that tuition fees have been set apart for the benefit of the pupil. An Application should be filled out, signed and sent to the Bursar. This will result in an assessment by the school of the terms under which it is prepared to accept such a payment. Once agreed by the school and the fee payer, an acceptance of the terms is agreed and the payment made. The School separates funds received in this way from its other operating resources and deducts the pre-paid tuition fees termly. The fee bill indicates that fees have been paid in this manner.

Transfer from your bank or building society account

Payments should be transferred to the school's bank account at Barclays Bank, London Street, Norwich. The school's account number is 40535079 and the sort code is 20-62-53. The payment reference is to include the "Parent Ref" alpha-numeric number found at the bottom left of the Remittance Advice which is at the foot of the Fee bill.

On-line via the School website

The home page of the school's website has a "Parent Payments" button. Select this option to make a payment using a debit or credit card.

Timing of payments:

The day before the start of term

All outstanding fees and charges should be settled with cleared funds in the school's account on or before the first day of term.

Other charges

Parents and fee payers will be advised of the due date for the payment of other charges as and when they arise. For example school uniform is paid at the time of purchase, whether using the school's on-line service or at the second-hand shop; lunches are prepaid before the start of the term; exam fees will be added to the relevant fee bill depending on when exams are sat.

Other information

All payments of fees and charges should include the "Parent Ref" alpha-numeric number found at the bottom left of the Remittance Advice at the foot of the Fee bill.

Parents are invited to refer to school's Terms & Conditions for further information regarding fees.

Further information may also be obtained by contacting the Bursary by email or telephoning 01603 728436, or by writing to The Bursar's Office, Norwich School, 71a The Close, Norwich NR1 4DD


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