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1999 to the Present Day

As numbers increase a large appeal was set up to improve many facilities across the curriculum.

1999 - Opening of The Daynes Sports Hall which enabled the old gymnasium to be fitted out as the Blake Drama Studio.

2002 - The Art Department takes over 72 The Close giving added space to Art and Design facilities.

2007 - The Science Department moves to new labs in Horsefair House which allows for departments to undergo a merry go round with English taking over the Fleming Building and Religious Studies moving into the Dyer's Lodge.

Over recent years the library has been extended and upgraded into the Undercroft and Bishop's Parlour giving much improved study and research facilities.

All of these improvements gave great impetus to the teaching process and the extra-curricular life of the School.


2013 - Norwich School is the largest it has ever been with 1035 pupils on the school roll, consistently outstanding academic results, the broadest curriculum ever taught and is now fully co-educational.


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