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In the Lower School, pupils are in the care of their Form Tutor who has a crucial role to play in the provision of pastoral care. Form Tutors provide pupils with a point of daily contact, monitor pupils' work and welfare, and act as a channel through which information passes to and from pupils, parents and teachers. The fostering of positive, constructive relationships between home and school is seen as crucial. Boys and girls in the Lower School are always encouraged to be fully involved in School Life and reach their full potential. All pupils are closely monitored by their form teacher and there is always time each day for the form teacher to offer support and advice when needed.

Every boy or girl is in a House. These are Conisford, Heigham and Magdalen – named after the historic gates of Norwich. There are regular competitions between the Houses as well as a weekly House Star total. The healthy rivalry between Houses develops team spirit and pride from being involved in the success of their House. House Tutors monitor the pupils in the House environment and this dual pastoral approach with the Form Tutors allows for caring and comprehensive support of each individual.

The Lower School encourages and initiates regular communication between home and school. All pupils have a prep diary where parents can leave notes for the Form Tutor. Parents can drop into school in the morning to speak with a teacher or telephone the Lower School Secretary to make an appointment. There are also formal reporting times during the year in the form of end of term reports and Parents’ Evenings in November and June.



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